Saturday, May 15, 2010

A glimpse into May (the first two weeks)

Well, I know that it has been a while since I have blogged. I was sitting down a few days ago to catch up and realized I had a lot more catching up to do then I thought. May seemed to come in and go out before a blink of my eye. Maybe it went so fast because of everything that went on.

The month started with Xander having his crossover camping trip with cub scouts. This year he crossed over from Webelos I to Webelos II, the final year of Cub Scouts. Next year is the year he is waiting for, as he will become a Boy Scout.

Crossing Over to Webelos II

Proud of his tent setup!

Jared also had his spring band concert in May. This is Jared's first year playing the trumpet and loves playing and performing. We weren't sure there was going to be a band concert this spring as their band instructor left mid semester but they all pulled it off and gave a great concert.
Jared looking to find us before the concert!

Preparing to play.

We also made our annual trip to Springs Farm for strawberry picking with my mom, actually its more we go with her. The boys complaing the whole drive (the 10 minutes it takes to get there) that they are too old but are very happy when they find those beautiful red ripe berries and go for homemade ice cream afterwards. I am sure they will be back next year- as they have such servant hearts and always are up for helping their mom and nana! Sara enjoyed her second year of picking, this year she was up and running the rows, oh how much a year makes - last year we could plop her down and she'd crawl a little ways. This year she was pulling the berries and eating as many as she could, strawberries are one of her favorite foods, so I think she thought she was in Heaven, haha!

Xander looking for those perfect berries!

Sara enjoying her pickings!

Later in the month we also hosted a surprise 40th birthday party for one of our dear friends. Happy birthday to Joe!

And I do believe this concludes the first two weeks...... more to come in the coming posts! Trying to get completly caught up; lets see how long it takes.

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