Tuesday, May 25, 2010

23 Months/Big Bed

Sara's 1st night in her 'big girl' bed

Today happens to not only be the day that Sara turns 23 months old. It is a major milestone in her life and our too. Sara decided; yes Sara not David or I, but Sara that she was no longer going to sleep in a crib. After we returned from taking Ella home, Sara refused to go in her crib. When we put her in she would scream and cry like she has never done and make her self sick; saying "No, in bed.". There has always been an extra double bed in her room for guests, that we thought she would grow into after the crib and toddler bed. To our surprise, she had other plans. So, we tried it; letting her get in the bed to see what happened. That little girl, (not so little anymore) climbed in the bed, laid her head on the pillow, and off she went to sleep; never getting out of bed once. (I'm posting this a few weeks late, and she has only gotten out of bed to play rather than sleep 2 times in almost 16 days). So, the crib has now been taken down, and she went straight to the bed- not even the toddler bed.

Additionally, throughout the month she is using more and more 2 word sentences and is a chatter box when she wants to. She always is saying 'lets pray'; it just melts my heart. There was even one day while eating lunch that after every bite she would take my hand and say mommy let's pray. Lunch took a long time that day. Also, in her sweet little voice; if you sneeze, you will hear her say "Bless you." She has started to want to go up and down the stairs without holding onto the railng, runs a mile a minute all day, and enjoys kicking the soccer ball with her brothers. I do believe the pool is her favorie place to be, at the mention of the word she is off to find her bathing suit.

I am reluctantly looking forward to next month, interested to see what it holds. I can not believe that she is going to be 2! It seems like just yesterday she was placed in our hands, (I used the word hands because she literally fit in David's hand she was so tiny).

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