Sunday, October 31, 2010


As in years past we headed over to my parent's neighborhood for a little Halloween fun. Each year my mom makes chili in the crockpot so that whenever your hungry you can stop by the house for a little food. This year was extra special since the Barclays have moved back to Charlotte, Sara had her best friends and cousin, Ella a.k.a. Super Ella along to run the streets with. The boys were off on their own in the neighborhood with friends. (We didn't even get a picture of them, which goes to say they are getting to Big too fast).

Sara a.k.a. the Butterfly, fluttered her way throughout the neighborhood and enjoyed having her pumpkin filled. While Super Ella soared right next to her.! Olivia, a.k.a. the pumpkin, joined in the festivities at the tail end.
Sara a.k.a. Butterfly

Super Ella!

Getting prepared to fly and soar away!

It's time!

Olivia the Pumpkin

Sunday, October 24, 2010

B-17 Bomber

David, Jared, Xander, and my mom took off after church today to head to the Concord Regional Airport. There was a B-17 Bomber on display that they could tour (for free), or ride in (for $400.00 a person). The boys were very excited and David being a history buff was in his glory! Mom enjoyed herself too. They all talked about how tiny the inside of the plane was. From the pictures, it looks like they all enjoyed themselves.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival

The Anne Springs Close Greenway near our house held a Fall Festival this year.  Well the festival consisted of horse rides, a corn maze, a bail of hay maze (for the the younger kids), a wagon ride throughout the Greenway, and corn hole.  They also had a few pumpkins to purchase and some goodies.

Since it was a nice fall day; and all the family is now in Charlotte we headed out to enjoy some fun family entertainment.   We also had Garrett for the night; so in total we had six kids.  [For those of my friends that have more three children (like I do) I have a whole new respect for you].  Sara has a new love; Horse back riding (David is looking into riding lessons; I'm not so excited-especially since I'm allergic).  Ella, Garrett, and Xander enjoyed it too.  Jared was off running around, and Olivia enjoyed the festival from the comforts of her stroller nestled in a cozy blanket. 
The Gang
Sara riding
Garrett Rides!
Ella waiting her turn


Xander's Turn

Olivia enjoying the Festival

Ella Rides!
Xander, Scott, and Ella on the wagon
Sara's version of Corn Hole
Bail of Hay Maze

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special Date

What a Special Date I had......
Last weekend Jared and I got to go on a date.  It is a rare occassion that I get to spend one on one quality time with the boys.  As it was Xander and David were gone to a cub scout camping trip and Sara spent the night with nana and papa so Jared and I got to have a great time just the two of us.  I told him that he could choose where he wanted to eat and he wanted Chinese food and we had a coupon for Jo Jo China Bistro at Stonecrest; which neither of us had been too.  Jared told me sounded good to him because he likes trying new places so that's where we went.  It was a nice night; upper 70s/low 80s so we ate outside and just talked.  On the way home Jared started talking about some very important events that have happened in his life and we ended up just talking and looking through an 'important memory' book for over 2 hours.   I was so greatful to have this very special time to just listen to his heart and thoughts about his life experiences.   He is growing into such a young man and he has such a tender heart. My prayer for him is that he always rests in the comfort and love of Jesus and knows that there is nothing that he can't share with David and I.

Jared, I love you and am truely blessed that you are my son!


I know I may be being vague but in sharing this special time I am also trying to respect Jared's heart and mind; I hope you understand .

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Final Cuboree

David and Xander were off to the Districts Cuboree with the cub scouts.  This will be the final one for the Letteer family; as Xander is concluding his years in Cub Scouts.  I secertly think David is more disappointed because since Xander is in cub scouts he gets to go camping pretty regularly; once Xander is in Boy Scouts with Jared, parents don't go along on every trip.  At the Cuboree; Xander participated in orienteering, rock climbing wall, pioneering, and worked on his first aid.  David and Xander had a great time having some father-son bonding; and sleeping in the cool air.  

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Friday Field Trip" - The Pumpkin Patch

Today Sara and I met up with some dear friends (Katie, Mason, Garrett, Allison, and Kyle) at Hodges Dairy Pumpkin Patch. Immediately, Sara wanted to pick out a pumpkin from the prepicked ones .....

until she saw the wagons and realized that there was more to come. (with a little prompting from me and her friends). At first she jumped in the wagon and wanted to be pulled..
Well that lasted all of about 2 minutes when she saw all the other kids pulling their wagons. "Miss Independent", as she is being called a lot lately, decided that she needed to "I do it" (as she would say). a.k.a do it herself!

All the kids had a great time in the pumpkin patch trying to find the perfect pumpkin. I think each one of the kids must have picked 3, 4, or maybe 5 pumpkins before the perfect one made the trip in the wagon to go home.

Following the pumpkin patch we were able to 'visit' with some of the animals at the farm. There were cows, horses, chickens, goats, and pigs.

After the pumpkin patch we headed to Don Padro's for lunch. Gotta love those chicken fajitas at lunch for only $6.00. All in all it was a great day, and us mom's had a great time chatting and enjoy each other's company too. Thanks ladies, and I'm looking forward to the next "Friday Field Trip"; where will the next stop be........?????" Anyone else interested in joining us, let me know.

(It was a great day weather wise too, it actually felt like fall. Cool enough to have a jacket to start the day, and warm enough to leave it behind before the day ends. I love fall!)