Wednesday, April 28, 2010

San Francisco

April 16th was mine and David's 5th wedding anniversary. We thought that it was a great time to get away for a little rest and relaxation and exploration of a city neither of us have every been too. So early in the morning on the 16th; 3:30 am to be exact we awoke to get ready to take a very early flight from Charlotte to San Francisco via Houston. We had a wonderful five days and four nights in a beautiful city. The weather cooperated the entire weekend; blue skies, no humidity, no pollen, and low-mid 70s. We walked and walked; enjoyed almost every meal outside; and saw almost every known site to see in San Francisco. We visited Pier 39 and saw the sea lions, went to the top of Coit Tower, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge, walked through the tulip garden at Golden Gate Park, saw the Pacific Ocean (which it was too cold to go in); went to Alcatrez; drank Irish Coffee at Buena Vista, rode the Cable Car; and did I mention WALKED! We also window shopped in Union Square; David wasn't about to let me relly shop at Tiffany's, Sak's, Louis Vuitton; he quickly reminded me that our trip was our anniversary gift to each other (haha). So instead we shopped in China Town and walked through the Italian District as we passed Lomabard Street. Unfortunatley, if I posted all the pictures from the trip your computer would never load; as I believe there are somewhere around 600 pictures that David needs to go through and edit and/or delete some of. .

Downtown San Francisco (from Alcatrez)

Golden Gate Bridge


David at Alcatraz

David and I at the Beach (Pacific Ocean)

Thanks David for five great years; looking forward to many, many more!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Muffin Maker

Well, Xander and I were in the kitchen making muffins and Sara was nicely playing or so we thought. After a few short minutes, my curious independent blessing (who at 22months thinks she is 10 yrs. old) was carrying the stool across the kitchen to the island to lend a helping hand. She quickly climbed up, said "spoon", took the wisk and off to stirring she was.

As I was filling the muffin pan; I turned back to see that Sara's stirring was done and like every chef she was testing her work. With a big grin Sara said "yum"....

Thanks Jared for your photographic work! It's always better no matter what I'm doing when all my kids are involved, it may take a little more time but better just the same.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a great weekend we had. We enjoyed having Kelly, Scott, Ella, and my aunt, Mary Ellen in town. Since the weather was absolutely beautiful we spent much of the weekend outside.

Sara at the Easter egg hunt

Sara and Ella had a great time finding the eggs; unfortunately for the girls the candy filled eggs got passed on to Jared and Xander. The boys were happy though !

Xander, Sara, and Jared- Easter Day