Friday, July 30, 2010

Rochester NY for Walter Letteer's Funeral (July 25-28th)

Well David and I have now hit the east coast, mountains and heart of NY (central part), and western border of NY all in one months time. We headed to Rochester, NY for his grandfather's funeral. As we have either been on the road as a family with vacations, or the boys have been at camp. David and I made this trip without the kids; whom we left with my parents. Jared and Xander even requested to stay at home, especially Jared who had just got home from camp less than 24 hours before David and I were leaving.

David's grandfather, Walter Letteer, Jr. was 92 yrs old when he passed away. He had served in the Army during WWII and was also a POW after being captured in Italy. Walter had spent the last 15-20 yrs living in Blacksburg, SC. He was buried next to his wife and parents in White Haven memorial Park and was honored with a military funeral and 21 gun salute. American Legion Color Guard

This was the first time in many years that all 5 of Walter's children were together. David and I visited with his aunts and uncles; some which he hadn't seen in over 15 years (and I hadn't ever met).

Donald, Darryl, Dorinda, David Sr., and Dale Letteer

Despite the sad reason for all being together we made the best of it. David and I took a few short 'detours' and trips on the way to Rochester and while we were there; while other family was still traveling to Rochester. We stopped along Lake Erie, went to Niagara Falls for a few hours (the Canadian side- as I threw in our passports just in case), and spent time touring parts of Rochester that I hadn't seen and David hadn't seen since he was 3. We also visited David's maternal aunt, Susan (who also lives in Rochester and Dave and Paulette stayed with) and his cousin Joe's family. We walked along the beach and Pier at Lake Ontario Beach Park in Rochester, as well as enjoyed the beautiful low 80 degree weather (while it was 102 in Charlotte). After the funeral we spent the afternoon with David's Uncle Dale and his wife Rhonda, Aunt Dorinda, and his cousins, Clarissa and Jeff; walking along the beach and then all of us adults rode a carousel that was over 100 yrs old; that his aunt and uncle used to ride as kids with their dad.

David and I at Lake Erie

David and I in Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

Paulette and Susan (David's mom and aunt)

Jeff, Dorinda, and Clarissa (David's cousins and aunt)
Dale and Rhonda Letteer (David's uncle and aunt)
Dale on the carousel

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