Saturday, September 25, 2010

Annual Apple Picking

2010 Family trip to Skytop Orchard

We headed to Skytop Orchards for our annual apple picking. This makes the third year that we have gone. This year was different from the other two; the first year was just like you want for apple picking- a cool, nice, fall day; last year was a little rainy and warm; this year was just plain old HOT.... I think it was almost 90. Not my idea of a pleasant fall day. Since it has been such a hot and dry late summer/early fall; several of the types of apples we normally pick the trees were bear. There was even a sign posted saying that because of the hot and dry weather the pickings are slimmer than other years. But, we still had FUN! Kristin and Garrett went with us so it was fun to watch them with their first experience of apple picking. The boys and Sara just love going too. This year for 3 days before we went Sara was telling everyone she was going apple picking. When we are there if you need to locate Jared and Xander; the best place to look is up, up in a tree because that is probably where you will find them. Garrett, also liked the idea of climbing trees. Sara perferred to stay on the ground.

Sara enjoying one the many apples she picked and sampled

Proud of her picking

Is that a monkey in the tree; no it Xander and Jared

Jared and Xander apple picking

Garrett at "How tall are you this fall?"

As I look back over the last three years there was another huge difference- the first year I carried Sara in the Baby Bjorn, last year she was in the stroller, this year- no carrier, no stroller, she walked almost the whole day- minus a few stops on David's shoulders! I can't believe how much she has changed.

Sara and David
A glimpse at the past ....

September 21, 2008

September 27, 2009

and the present.....

September 25, 2010

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