Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Fellowship Leaders Retreat

This past weekend David and I joined the other Home Fellowship Leaders at our church for a day and half retreat at White Oak Conference Center. We had a great time worshipping the Lord, hearing great teachings and spending time with the other leaders building on current relationships and developing new ones; all while enjoying the beautiful weather that God provided for us.

The topic of the weekend was True Friends. We examined what friendships look like as represented by Jonathan and David in 1 Samuel 18-20; the importance of intimate friendships for accountability, prayer, and encouragement; as well as different types of friendships- from aquaintance, casual friendships, close friendships, and intimiate friendships. This weekend was great- it made me appreciate the friendships I have, reconfirmed the importance of investing in others lives, and challenged me with some relationships I have as to how God changes them for His purposes, and also was reassured that it is okay for friendships to change- because God has a season for all things including our friendships.

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends that are faithful and encourage me. God has blessed me beyond imagination.

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