Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sara's 1st Hair Cut

David and I decided that it was time to take Sara for her first hair cut; well more of a trim. I actually had been thinking about doing for a few weeks and I happened to mention it to David and was surprised when he said that Sara could not go for her first haircut until he was there. So on Monday since he was off from work we made an appointment and took her to this kid's salon that I have heard a lot of people talking about; Doolittles.

Sara on the way to get her hair cut

Doolittle's is a really neat place for kids to get their hair cut. Sara was enjoying herself looking around, watching the cartoons, finding books. Then it was her turn to get in the police car (aka the chair) to have her hair cut. She was not overly fond of the idea as you can see.

The girl cutting her hair gave Sara her first lollipop and that made things a little better!

After a few minutes of a lollipop distraction, cartoons, and some encouraging words from David and I she ended up sitting happily while the girl cut her hair. I'm a little biased but I think she looked beautiful!

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