Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sara's 1st Day of Preschool

A milestone has happened in our house today, Sara started preschool. She will be attending two days a week at Calvary Church. She has some of the sweetest teachers. There are 13 other children in her class. Only part of the class goes at a time this week to help them transition, next week all 14 children will be together. I am so excited about the program she will be attending; at two years old she will have music class, Spanish class, Science Lab, as well as daily she will have art time, play time indoors and out, Bible, and many other fun activities.

She looked like such a big girl walking into class carrying her monogramed lunch box (Thanks Kelly, Scott, and Ella for a great birthday present!).

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  1. my neice and nephew go there! (nicky is in the 3's and abby lynch is in the 2's:) are either one of them in her class??