Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jared's Boy Scout Camp

Jared spent a week at Boy Scout Camp this summer. He left on July 18th and returned on July 24th. His troop went to Camp Powatan in the Virginia mountains. Jared participated in class called the Brown Sea, which prepares younger Boy Scouts for years to come. He camped out, cooked, out, swam, widdled on sticks, hiked, fished and many other activities. Jared told us that there were Brown Bears spotted in the camp site and the leaders confirmed this.

On Friday; Xander, Sara, mom, and I traveled to the camp for his 'graduation' from the Brown Sea program. David was unable to attend because of work and family matters (see next post). While we were there, Sara and Xander enjoyed looking at the snakes, rabbits, birds, etc, that were in the science pavilion; and then petting the camps goat that was "watching" over the infirmary.

(The day Jared left we picked Xander up from camp 2 hours later- next year they'll both be gone the same days)

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