Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Find about adoption..... and I think I'm in love

I have a new find..... and I think I'm in love and hope that Sara will be tooo.   So, Sara and I have been stuck inside a lot this week.  Tuesday I was sick and then Friday she started getting sick.   I think she's on the mend now; hopefully;  but to be sure she and I stayed home from church today.

Sara loves watching Nick Jr. and as a treat she gets to watch some and so we were curled up in bed this morning and a show that I hadn't seen came on.  It is called Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, do you know the show?  I am in love with it now.   The mom (Miss Spider) is an adoptive mom!  Today's episode was about her son the dragon fly who she had adopted meeting some other dragon flies and wanted to explore life as a dragon fly.  Even though he loved his mom and dad (who were spiders), he wanted to learn about his own kind of bug (culture).  His parents supportively loved him through his exploration and reassured him with their love.  The dragonfly was shown talking with his brothers and sisters (who were all different kinds of bugs), telling them off his love for his adoptive family and that of his own kind (culture and dragonflies). 

I do believe that Sara and I will be finding out what time this show comes on more often and if we had a DVR; I think it would be recorded.   I loved the postive display of adoption !!!!!!  Looking forward to more....


  1. My girls loved this show. Glad you found it!

  2. SO FUNNY!! My Great Aunt composed the music for this show :-) We haven't seen it yet... I didn't even know it had launched! Going to tape it now :-)