Friday, November 5, 2010

It's National Adoption Month- Christian Adoption Services Needs your Help.

Hi Everyone;

As most of you know I work for Christian Adoption Services and it's also the agency that we adopted Sara through.  We are in need of a Spanish Speaking Volunteer.......

Please see Gretchen's post below:

Spanish speaking volunteer needed!

Most of you don't know but Sheryl (another Counselor) and I spent 3 days in Wilmington last week networking at the annual conference for health departments in NC. Well Sheryl did the networking and I assisted (total honesty should be good!). We made MANY great contacts throughout the state and most people were eager to get their hands on our information to pass out to their pregnant clients.

We were asked several times for packets in Spanish and not just English to be able to present the option of adoption to Spanish women/men. We are seeking a volunteer who would be able to translate 5 pieces of papers into Spanish which would help explore adoption as an option.

If you are that person or you know of a person who might be interested feel free to have them email me at

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