Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival

The Anne Springs Close Greenway near our house held a Fall Festival this year.  Well the festival consisted of horse rides, a corn maze, a bail of hay maze (for the the younger kids), a wagon ride throughout the Greenway, and corn hole.  They also had a few pumpkins to purchase and some goodies.

Since it was a nice fall day; and all the family is now in Charlotte we headed out to enjoy some fun family entertainment.   We also had Garrett for the night; so in total we had six kids.  [For those of my friends that have more three children (like I do) I have a whole new respect for you].  Sara has a new love; Horse back riding (David is looking into riding lessons; I'm not so excited-especially since I'm allergic).  Ella, Garrett, and Xander enjoyed it too.  Jared was off running around, and Olivia enjoyed the festival from the comforts of her stroller nestled in a cozy blanket. 
The Gang
Sara riding
Garrett Rides!
Ella waiting her turn


Xander's Turn

Olivia enjoying the Festival

Ella Rides!
Xander, Scott, and Ella on the wagon
Sara's version of Corn Hole
Bail of Hay Maze

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