Friday, June 4, 2010

SciWorks in Winston- Salem

A few weeks ago when we were at the Scheile Museum in Gastonia we made what is turning into a great investment. They offer annual memberships to the museum, what we found in deciding to buy it is that it allows you entrance into over 245 museums throughout the country and world. The cost wasn't too bad and we are getting every dollar out of it. So we have put it to good use, in fact it has paid for itself 3 times already (for 75.00 you get admission to all the museums for 2 adults, sometimes 3 depending on the museum, and all the kids in your household). Lat week mom used it to take the kids to Discovery Place while I was working and this week we took a day trip to Winston-Salem to SciWorks.

SciWorks is a lot like Discovery Place in Charlotte but all the kids had a great time. Interactive Museums where they have something for all ages works very well; especially when you have an almost 2 yr old, a 10 yr old, and an almost 13 yr old. Sara was off playing in the toddler fishing area while Jared was looking at organisms in a microscope and Xander was reading about animals. They had rooms that were geared toward electricity, solving puzzles, biology room, a music room (which had a piano you walk on and play), a health room, and sports room, a playroom for kids under 7 and a room with animals/reptiles/and other creatures. They also had a planetarium with different shows geared toward all ages; including one for preschoolers about the solar system; and then one about the constellations for the older kids. Definitely a place we will go back to and I highly recommend.

Jared on the putting range in the sports room

Xander and Sara playing the piano

The Owl (yes it is alive)!

Xander and Sara coming down the tree slide

Jared at the Plasma Tube

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