Friday, May 21, 2010

Ella's Visit

This was one of the most exciting, busy, and full of love weeks that we had during the month of May. Ella, my niece, who is only one month younger than Ella stayed with us for 4 nights/days. It was so much fun having two almost two-year olds added around the house. Nana was also around to enjoy having all of her grandchildren in one house. Unfortunately, the boys were still in school so they missed out on some of the fun. We had fun playing at the pool, going to the Scheile Nature Museum, going to the park, eating lunches out, and going here there and everywhere. I also enjoyed getting to dress the girls alike a few times, with such a big age difference and the fact that they are boys; Jared and Xander aren't much for matching Sara when it comes to getting dressed. Ella, had lots of fun with having her three other 'older' cousins around the house was alot of fun for her. We miss her so much (and Kelly and Scott) when they are not home; its hard having them 4 1/2 hours a way. I can't wait till Ella comes and stays again, I'm already trying to plan when it can happen.

Ella, Sara, and Nana (mom) at the Scheile Museum.
They were looking at the monkeys.

Lollipops and rest time.

"Twins" ready for the pool!
All smiles in the water

Should I get wet?

Water fun with Nana

"Twins" ready for a day out to the park and lunch

Let's fly away!
Tunnel time

Steps are more fun then the slide; mommy doesn't think so though!

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